A Brief History of Point Plomer Holiday Cabins

Russ and Nita Radley made Point Plomer their home in the early 1950s. The Radley family were well-known fishermen in nearby Port Macquarie and Russ spent much of his time fishing at Point Plomer. It was inevitable that the Plomer lifestyle would draw him and Nita to settle on this part of the coast.

point plomer holiday cabins

In those times before the ferry, Russ would row across the Hasting River and walk the beach to Plomer or take the boat up Limeburners Creek, walking a track to get to the headland. There was no road in those days. They lived in a boat shed on the shore until Russ and Nita built their house - the same house which is the main residence here on this property today. Nita and Russ raised their children here until the girls left for family and career reasons.

Nita began operating holiday cabins in 1956 and over the past 50 years there has been gradual change. From a young age, Anne worked helping her parents with the cabins and on the home and fishing front. When Nita became unwell and later passed away, Anne took over the running of the business and remains operating the holiday cabins today with husband Ian Schaeche until his passing in 2009. Ian left big shoes to fill, and his stories around the campfire are missed by many visitors.

The Schaeche family has been busy building and renovating cabins, although some remain in their original state with few changes. Imagine if the walls of those showing their age could talk the fishing stories and history would be amazing!

Over the past 15 years, Dale has continued the profession of his grandfather, who passed away in 1996. Dale is busiest fishing in the cooler months while also caretaking the National Parks and Wildlife camping reserves year round. Tamyika, her husband, Matt, and their children call Plomer their home now too and help with the family businesses when they are not too busy with work at Port or Kempsey.

The Schaeche family welcomes you to our property. Please enjoy your stay here at beautiful Point Plomer. We trust that you respect the environment, other visitors and the accommodation we offer you. We are happy to share our home with you so that you can experience the nature of this unique paradise.